The website contains the reviews for the best online casinos in Kenya for 2024. We are aware that a lot of players have certain preferences when it comes to picking an online casino. For that reason, our reviews cover a set of topics that will help those players make an informed decision. Some players prefer a casino with a lot of slot games, others prefer live casino games or huge bonuses, etc. We can’t just pick a casino and say that it’s the perfect one because different players have a different ideas of what’s perfect. However, once you read our reviews, the player will be able to choose the online casino that fits their needs.

One thing we can guarantee is that all the reviewed casinos are licensed by a respectable Gaming Authority. Everything else is recommendations and information about those casinos. Below, you can read about the contents of all our reviews.

Online Casinos Reviews

In this section, we will talk about all the information that you can find in one of our reviews.


The first part of every online casino review will hold information about the origins of the casino. This includes the name of the company that runs it, the year its operation started, etc. Additionally, this section will always mention the licenses that the casino holds along with any other certificates that might be relevant. Among other info, we will always mention the encryption that’s used to protect all your financial information. All in all, this section will give you information about the company that’s behind that online casino.

Website Design

A lot of online casinos in Kenya have a very similar look which is why we always review the website design. In short, we always show how the website looks, discuss the colours they picked, and of course the design. It’s important to note if the navigation is easy and if the pages are loading fast. One more thing we will always mention is whether the website is available in other languages, other than English.

Online Casino Games & Software Providers

Many players will agree that this section is one of the most important ones when reading an online casino review. The game portfolio is always important and players usually pick a certain casino mostly because of the games it offers. In our reviews, we will always cover all the types of games a casino is offering. Additionally, we will talk about the quality of said games and if any games can’t be found in other casinos. Games that have the biggest jackpots will always be mentioned so players don’t have to search for them.

In this section, we also talk about the software providers. The reason for this is simple – a game quality highly depends on the developer that’s providing the games. Casino websites that are run by someone like NetEnt or at least provide games from developers like Microgaming, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play, etc. will always be considered among the best.

Bonuses & Promotions

This is definitely the section that attracts the most players. Offering proper bonuses and promotions is a must if an online casino hopes to attract new customers. Since all the casinos we review are real money online casinos, the bonuses section is very important. In our reviews, players will be able to learn about all the bonuses that a casino is running at the moment. This includes the active promotions which change over time.

Online casinos in Kenya don’t have the best record when it comes to bonuses & promotions which is why we suggest checking our reviews. We have gone through all of them and picked the best ones to review. On top of that, there are a lot of international casinos that offer services in Kenya and those casinos have a lot of bonuses for their customers.

Payment Methods

Being able to make deposits and withdrawals through your favourite payment method is very important. Most of the casinos we review on our website have a dozen different methods for both deposits and withdrawals. We also write about the processing time of those methods as well as the possibility of extra fees when withdrawals are made. Lastly, we mention the minimum and maximum amounts for deposits and withdrawals.

However, there is one more thing that we add to this section in our reviews. Players from Kenya are not always able to use the most common payment methods. Instead, most of them use M-Pesa or Airtel money. For that reason, we make sure to explain how they can use these methods for deposits/withdrawals at all the online casinos we review. The ones that don’t have these methods will always have an alternative for their Kenyan customers.

Customer Support

This is another section that often gets overlooked even though it’s extremely important. Having a proper way to contact support agents separates the great casinos from the mediocre ones. Issues will arise, whether, with deposits, bonus funds, withdrawals, or else and players need help to sort those issues. If it takes ages for a casino to fix things, they will lose customers which is why excellent customer support is important.

Most of the casinos we review have a 24/7 live chat option. However, even when that’s not the case, the support will always be either in English or in your native language. Some of the casinos even have FAQ sections on top of their customer support so players can feel safe and secure at all times.

Registration Process

The first thing you have to do if you want to play on a certain online casino is to create an account with them. The registration process is usually very simple but different casinos might have different registration processes. In our reviews, we will always explain how you can create an account and what you will need in order to finish setting up that account.


Lastly, all our reviews have a conclusion section. There, in several short sentences, we sum up all the information about a certain online casino. We mention the advantages but also the disadvantages and the things that can be improved. In the end, we give our personal opinion on the casino and whether we recommend it to our readers.

Important Details

As we mentioned above, each online casino will have certain advantages and disadvantages. There is a lot of information in our reviews but there are certain small details that can’t be overlooked. In this next section, we will write about those small details and the easiest way to spot them. Once you learn how to do that, you can go through all our reviews in a couple of minutes and make an informed decision about the casino where you will create an account.

How to win at online casinos every time?

This is the first question that we have to answer because a lot of new casino players have the wrong idea. There is no way to win at an online casino every time. By learning the games, reading reviews, and playing long enough, huge wins will come. However, there is no guarantee as the when that will happen. Here is what we suggest so you can increase your win ratio:

  • Pick a high-quality, properly licensed casino;
  • Play games that have a high RTP and are well known in the gambling world;
  • Check games that have jackpots;
  • Learn table games and then play the live options at online casinos;
  • Be patient and don’t go all out when things are not going your way;
  • Learn when to walk away.

How do online casinos work?

Online casinos are actually very similar to real, land-based casinos. The only major difference is that you make deposits from home and play the games on a pc, phone, tablet, or some other device. With the introduction of live casino games, players have the option to feel the real casino experience from the comfort of their own homes. That’s why hundreds of online casinos have been created in recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gamblers now prefer them to any other form of gambling.

For that reason, we have created the website, so we can help Kenyan players make an informed decision. A lot of casinos are offering their services in Kenya at the moment, both local and international casinos. That’s why we review the best casinos currently active in Kenya so players can pick the ones that fit their preferences. Keep reading to learn which small details are extremely important when reading a casino review.

What to watch for in an online casino review?

Game Portfolio

The best casinos will always be the ones that offer all types of games. This includes slots, table games, video poker, live casino games, and more. It’s also important that a casino has different versions for these games. A safe choice would be a casino that has at least 100 high-quality slot games plus at least several versions of each table game. These days casinos without live games are no longer considered among the best.

Bonuses & Promotions

Almost all casinos mentioned in some reviews will offer some bonus. However, not all bonuses and promotions are worth your time. Some of them have large wagering requirements which means you will never be able to fill them before times runs out. On the other hand, some casinos offer no deposit bonuses which means you are awarded free spins or extra cash without having to spend any money. Lastly, we have to mention the fact that casinos that have a VIP loyalty program will always be on the top of the list. Those are the types of casinos that put their most loyal customers ahead of everything else.

Casino bonus

Transfers & Fees

Above, we discussed payment methods as something very important to players. Having multiple options will always attract more customers. However, when it comes to payments, there are additional things that have to be considered. First, how long does a transfer take? Deposits are always instant but a lot of casinos take a long time to transfer your winnings. Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days while e-wallets are faster. However, if the withdrawal process takes more than 5 working days, the casino is definitely not one that we can consider top-notch.

Additionally, there are casinos out there that charge service fees for deposits and withdrawals. We believe those casinos should be at the bottom of your list. You will notice in our reviews that the majority of online casinos we review have zero or very low service fees.

Play for Free

Even though we only review real money online casinos, it’s nice to have an account on a casino that allows playing for free. Great casinos offer the option to play a demo version of their games without spending real money. It’s perfect for testing the games so you can find the one that suits you the most. Once you find a game you love, you can start playing it with real cash.

International License

As we mentioned several times in this article, a casino has to be licensed to be reviewed in one of our reviews. However, there are online casinos that have a better license than others. For instance, an international license from the government of Malta or the UK Gaming Commission. These licenses hold a lot of meaning in the gambling world and casinos that have them are guaranteed to be safe and secure and also promote safe gambling.

What to avoid?

Online casino reviews often hold information that should make a player turn away from them. However, players offer to ignore those small details because they don’t really know what to look for. Nevertheless, in our last chapter, we will mention a couple of details that should be deal-breakers when searching for an online casino.

  1. Service Fees – As we said above if you come across a review that states that a certain online casino charges service fees on deposits/withdrawals, you should stay away from that casino. The best casinos have zero fees.
  2. Withdrawal Times – A lot of things have changed since online casinos were first introduced to the world. It took a long time for withdrawals to be processed; however, all of that has changed in recent years. So, make sure you avoid casinos that take too long to process your withdrawal. Anything over 5 working days is too long.
  3. Unlicensed Casinos – We believe that we have said enough on this topic. Always avoid casinos that don’t have a license. That document is the only thing that guarantees a casino will provide you with security and protection.
  4. No Customer Support – Just like with the licenses, we suggest avoiding casinos that don’t have customer support. If they don’t have a way to contact their operators when a problem arises, it means the casino doesn’t care enough for their customers. At the very least, it shows they are not very devoted and you should not waste your time with them.