Airtel Money is a mobile payment service offered by Airtel Kenya Ltd. company. It’s the second-largest telecommunications service provider in the territory of Kenya. Also, this mobile payment service is the second most used payment service in Kenya, right after M-Pesa. By using this payment method, customers can send and/or receive money through their phones. To use this service, customers need to register for Airtel Money Services. The idea behind this payment method is to reach the most remote parts of Kenya. That way all citizens can use online banking services, even the ones that don’t have a bank account. Below, we will share everything you need to know about this payment service. This includes how the service works, how to register and how to deposit and withdraw from your online casino account.

Airtel Money
Airtel Money

How does Airtel Money Work?

As we briefly mentioned above, the first step is registering for this service. The registration is free and it’s done in a couple of minutes. Customers need to visit an Airtel Money agent and/or store anywhere in Kenya to complete their registration. The agent will give them a registration form which needs to be filled and an original ID needs to be presented. Once this is handled, we can move to the second step of the registration process. Customers need to download the official app and set up their online wallet. At that point, they need to fund their account by making a deposit. There are two ways to make a deposit on your account. You can deposit cash with the agent or in an Airtel shop or use the app to make a deposit through your bank card.

When you are done with the deposit, you can use the service to make deposits on your casino account, transfer money, pay for goods and services, and more. Keep in mind that you can make withdrawals as well. On the other hand, if you have received money on your Airtel account, you can withdraw them by visiting one of their stores.

Airtel Money Services

As a mobile payment banking service, Airtel Money offers several ways for customers to handle payments. The most obvious service is purchasing goods and services just like with a digital wallet. However, we are here to talk about the more complicated payment options that are offered by Airtel. Customers can make deposits and withdrawals from gambling operators and they can transfer money between payment services like M-Pesa. Below, we will explain all these options in a proper manner.

Deposits with Airtel Money

We already mentioned that Airtel Money is the second most used payment method in Kenya. Because of that, almost all casinos and bookmakers in the territory of Kenya offer this method to their customers. It’s a quick and dependable payment option that’s especially useful for people who don’t have bank accounts. Here are several steps you have to follow to make a deposit at an online casino. First, make sure that your Airtel account has enough money to make the deposit.


Next, click on the Make Payment option and select Pay Bill. You need to check your casino for their Pay Bill number for making deposits. Once you have the number, enter your casino account number and then the amount of money you wish to deposit. The last step is entering your Airtel Money PIN and then clicking Send to finish the transaction. The money will be transferred instantly and you will receive a text message notification. However, that’s not the only way you have to handle the deposit. If you don’t have the app, simply dial *222# and the above-mentioned menu will open. You can then follow the steps we mentioned above to make the deposit.

Alternatively, you can use the casino/bookmaker website to make the deposit instead. Most Kenyan gambling operators make it easy for customers to fund their accounts. Find the deposit option on their websites/apps and select Airtel Money as the payment option. Enter the amount you want to deposit and your Airtel PIN to complete the transaction.


Making withdrawals is a very simple process as well. All Kenyan casinos will have Airtel as an option so you can use this payment method for withdrawals. Log in to your casino account and click on the Withdraw button. Once there, select Airtel Money as the payment method and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. The money is sent to your mobile phone number and you receive a text message as soon as the withdrawal is completed.

Money Transfers

There is one more service that Airtel offers its customers. You can transfer money from your Airtel account to other mobile payment methods or e-wallets. This service is known as Mobile Money Interoperability and it allows for money transfers from one mobile payment account to another across different networks. Basically, the funds are directly transferred from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account. There are several companies that work together but we are interested in the ones that can handle gambling payments. For that reason, we are going to explain how to transfer money from Airtel to M-Pesa.

Transfer funds from Airtel to M-Pesa

The process of transferring money between these two mobile banking operators is straightforward. Follow these steps to make the transfers:

  • Dial *222# or go to the Airtel Money app menu
  • Select “Send Money” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose M-Pesa as your destination.
  • Fill in the recipient’s Safaricom phone number.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Fill in all the transaction details and enter your Airtel PIN.
  • Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Transfer money from Airtel Money to M-Pesa
Transfer money from Airtel Money to M-Pesa

Fees & Charges

As we mentioned above, registration for Airtel Money is free. Funding your account is free as well. However, the other services come with certain fees. These fees depend on how much you transfer and whether the receiving person has an Airtel account. It’s important to note that the company no longer charges customers for transfers made from Airtel to their bank account. This service is free at the moment and will likely remain free in the future. With that being said, here is a full table with all the charges Airtel has for their services. Keep in mind that all numbers are in KSH.


Security & Benefits

Airtel Money uses the USSD protocol. It’s a technology that allows customers to communicate with the computer of the service provider. Communication works exactly like online chatting. However, you don’t need a connection to use it. This is a major advantage for people who don’t have internet data on their phones or they can’t connect to the WIFI. On top of that, not using the internet for the service increases the security of the payment method. Basically, no third party can get a hold of your money or financial information. However, the biggest advantage of using Airtel is the fact that you don’t need a bank account. This is the main reason why so many people in Kenya use this mobile payment method.

It’s available to everyone and it’s free to register for an account. Additionally, there is no need to keep a minimum balance on your Airtel account. So, people who don’t have a bank account, don’t have debit/credit cards, don’t use online banking, and don’t use digital wallets, will benefit greatly from Airtel Money. Finally, we have to mention that international money transfers are also possible with Airtel. By using Remitly, Airtel customers are able to send and receive money to more than 15 different countries. Customers can receive funds from the USA, the UK, Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden. 

To make things better, Airtel Money customers can also send money to account holders in Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, and Malawi.

How to create an account with Airtel Money?

The last process of this review will explain how you can register for an Airtel Money account. The process is very simple but you do need an Airtel Sim Card to be able to get an account. Also, you will need to visit an Airtel store and speak to an agent. You have to show a valid ID before the process can begin. The agent will then give you a registration form which you need to fill out. Give the form back to the agent and once all the details are confirmed, you will get a text notification confirming your successful registration. At that point, you will need to dial *222# to set your preferred Airtel account PIN. This whole process is fast and free. The last step is making a deposit and once that’s done, your account will be validated and active.

How to register with Airtel Money
How to register with Airtel Money

Alternatively, customers can use the Airtel website to register for the service. Visit the website and click on Register to start the process. The first details the website will ask for are your phone number and proof of ID. After that’s done, you will get to fill out the same registration form that you would get from an agent if you go to one of their stores. From there, the process is the same. Confirm your details, pick a PIN, and make a deposit to activate your account.