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Koi Gate is a Japanese themed online slot developed by Habanero. It comes with an above-average RTP, re-spins, two wilds, and a progressive jackpot.

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Developed by Habanero, Koi Gate is an online slot with a Japanese theme and exciting gameplay. The slot has an excellent look as do most Habanero titles. They are a Japanese developer and provider famous for their high-quality slots with many unique themes, including culture. This game allows them to introduce Japanese traditions to the world. All in all, players will get an engaging title with a unique theme developed by people who know a lot about Japan. What’s best about this title is the bonus features it comes with. There is a wild, re-spins and the best thing of all – a progressive jackpot. In this article, we are going to share all the details that players need to know before playing this Habanero title.

Welcome to Koi Gate
Welcome to Koi Gate

Koi Gate has a standard 5×3 setup with 18 active paylines. There is no button to control the paylines which means all of them to remain active during the gameplay. Players can set both the coin size and the bet level. Based on that, the bet can be as little as $0.18 up to $900 per spin. While the progressive jackpot is random, playing on a higher bet will increase your chances of winning it. The title has an RTP of 96.6% which is above the industry average. It has medium volatility making this game great for both new players and high-rollers. Additionally, the game comes with a couple of bonus features as well as a progressive jackpot. Keep reading to learn more.

Graphics & Sounds

As we already said, Habanero is a leader when it comes to creating titles with excellent graphics. Koi Gate is not an exception as it looks amazing. Players can see two koi fish swimming next to the reels on both sides. Their bright orange color contrasts with the azure water making the splash of their bodies more impressive. On top of that, the reels are framed by ornate Japanese lattices. The look helps players feel like they are somewhere in a beautiful garden. The game offers various animations when anything happens on the reels. Anything from bonus features to the progressive jackpot will change the graphics of the original game. For instance, the Wild Wins feature presents a duel animation between a koi and a dragon. It makes for a mythical feel to the game.


When it comes to the sounds of Koi Gate, they are just as good as the graphics. The game is followed by a gentle soundtrack that goes in the background. The song has a traditional Japanese vibe as it is filled with melodic flutes. It’s not aggressive and it doesn’t bother the players which means most of them will be happy to leave the sounds on while they play. Additionally, there are sound effects whenever you click on to do anything while playing. Triggering bonus features or the progressive jackpot also triggers some cool sound effects. Below, we will talk more about the symbols of the game.


Koi Gate is a slot game based on a Japanese legend about a koi fish that was brave enough to jump over a waterfall. The gods were amazed by the feat and decided to bless the fish by turning it into an amazing dragon. For that reason, all the symbols of the game are connected to the theme. First, we have the royals that we have seen many times before. There are four of them, J, Q, K, and A. All of them have an antique look about them. Next, we have some clouds and different types of flowers. Following that, players will see the traditional Japanese gate, a dragon, and the famous koi fish.

The koi fish and the dragon are the most important symbols of the game. Both of them work as wilds as they can substitute for other symbols and also trigger the re-spins feature. Lastly, the game comes with a progressive jackpot but there is no symbol that can trigger it. It’s completely random and it can happen at any time during the gameplay. Keep reading to learn more about the bonus features of this online slot.

Koi Gate Bonus Features

The Koi Gate slot doesn’t have a real bonus round; however, it does offer a couple of special features. As we mentioned above there are two symbols that act as wilds that can substitute for other symbols. These wilds have their own feature which we will explain below. Additionally, the koi fish symbol triggers re-spins as a feature during regular gameplay. Last but not least, we have the progressive jackpot that can be won at any time. Below, we are going to explain these features in proper detail.

Wilds & Re-Spins

Koi Gate has two wild symbols – the koi fish and the dragon. The koi fish can appear only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel. If the fish is part of a winning combination it will change into the dragon symbol and then expand to cover all positions.

Koi Gate Wilds
Koi Gate Wilds

When a koi fish appears on the reels a re-spin is awarded as well. If more symbols appear on the screen during the re-spins, more re-spins will be awarded. There is no cap on these re-spins and they will be rewarded as long as there are koi fish symbols on the reels. Additionally, all prizes are doubled during the re-spins feature.


Koi Gate Progressive Jackpot

Last but not least, we have the progressive jackpot feature which is active during the whole gameplay. As with every progressive jackpot, the amount grows whenever a player bets on the game. However, unlike other jackpots, there is nothing the player can do to trigger this jackpot. It can happen at random at any point in the gameplay. It might take you 1 spin or 1,000 spins to win the progressive jackpot in Koi Gate.

Koi Gate Progressive Jackpot
Progressive Jackpot


Koi Gate is a fantastic online slot developed by Habanero. The game has a unique Japanese theme based on an old legend. On top of that, the game has wilds and re-spins as part of the regular gameplay. There is no special bonus round but the game comes with a progressive jackpot that can be awarded at any time. The RTP of the title is 96.6% which is above the industry average. Additionally, the game has medium volatility which means it’s perfect for all kinds of casino players. To conclude, we are recommending this title to anyone, from beginners to experienced casino players.

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