Casino free spins are one of the most popular types of bonus offered by online casinos. They can be rewarded as a welcome bonus for new customers or as a part of a daily/weekly promotion for loyal customers. The idea is to play slot games with these spins instead of losing your own money. It might sound too good to be true but that’s what Free essentially means. However, things are not as simple as that. Free casino spins come with certain terms and conditions attached to them. Below, we will talk about why casinos offer free spins, how they work, the different types of spins, and the terms and conditions that come with them. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know on this topic.

Free Spins
Free Spins

What’s the Reason for Offering Free Spins?

The most important job an online casino has is to attract customers. However, once you get those customers to visit your website, you need to know how to keep them. That’s where welcome bonuses and promotions come into play. A welcome bonus is what attracts the customer while ongoing promotions are there to keep that customer happy. The idea is for the casino to give out free cash, spins, or something else to encourage the customer to spend money in the long run. These bonuses allow the player to check out casino games without having to spend any cash. If the customer is satisfied with what he sees then he can spend some money on that casino.

Free spins are something that casinos offer the most when it comes to the above mentioned bonuses. They don’t have a large value but can motivate a customer to become a long-term player. For instance, you can get 50 spins, with a value of $0.10 per spin. Basically, the casino risks only $5 which is a very small amount and what they can get is hundreds of dollars from a loyal customer that will be happy with the spins.

Additionally, 10-20 free spins can be spent in a couple of minutes. So, even if you get some as part of a welcome bonus or a certain promotion, you will need to deposit real cash to keep playing. Casinos are aware of this fact and they use it to their advantage. They pull you in and once you have a lot of fun, you will make deposits so you can keep playing. These are all reasons as to why free casino spins are offered. It motivates customers to register, make a deposit, and play on certain games.

How do Free Casino Spins Work?

As we already said, these spins are benefits that customers get when joining an online casino. This is how players can still get the full casino experience but they don’t have to spend their own cash. Additionally, if you meet the wagering requirements, you can make withdrawals on any winnings you get through those spins. If you are a new player, you can get free spins on specific slot games as part of the welcome offer the casino is offering. On the other hand, loyal ongoing customers can get such a reward simply for being active on the casino. For instance, if the casino has a VIP program and you become a VIP player, you might get rewarded with free spins on a daily or weekly basis.

On the other hand, these spins give casinos a chance to test new games. Developers create new slot titles all the time. One of the best ways for customers to test these titles is for the casino to give you free spins so you can play them for a while. Casino players are reluctant to spend their own cash on games that are yet to be tested by the gambling community. They need to know the RTP, how the bonus features work, and everything else around that title before spending their own money.

Last but not least, we have to mention that there are certain terms & conditions that come with these spins. T&Cs are rules that customers have to follow while using the free spins. They won’t be able to make a withdrawal of their winnings, before those terms are met. However, we will explain more about that later in the article. Keep reading to learn everything you need on the topic of Free Spins.

Different Types of Casino Spins

Just like the different types of bonuses that exist, there are various types of casino free spins out there. We separate them by the different requirements they carry and the way you can get them. The most popular ones are the spins players get with welcome bonuses or other promotions. However, there are several other types as well. Below, we will talk about all the different types in proper detail.

Free Spins No Deposit Kenya

This is the favorite type of bonus for casino players, especially ones that play in Kenya. You get these free spins without having to make any deposit on the casino. In most cases, you get between 10 and 50 spins to be played on a specific game. For instance – join the casino and get 50 no deposit spins on Mega Moolah. Keep in mind that in such an example, you have to deposit real money to be able to play on other slot titles.

Free Spins No Deposit
Free Spins No Deposit

Such a bonus is often part of the casino welcome offer or what they call a free registration bonus. Keep in mind that the wagering requirements on free spins that require no deposit will be much harsher than usual. It might be that you are required to wager any winnings made from these spins 25 to 35 times before a withdrawal is possible.

First Deposit Spins

As we already mentioned several times, the most common free spins rewards come with welcome bonuses. Casinos love to entice new customers by offering them a number of spins that they can play on one ore more online slot titles. In most cases, a welcome bonus comes with around 50 free spins, some of which you get right after registering. The rest is awarded when you make the first deposit.

On the other hand, some casinos offer free spins over the first four deposits customers make. We call that a welcome package and it can result in a large cash bonus + spins. In most cases, welcome packages can get you up to 200 spins or more. They will be divided among all four deposits which will keep the customers in the game constantly. It’s the perfect way to keep players entertained and motivate them to spend extra cash.

However, these free spins always come with wagering requirements. Usually, its an amount of times you need to play through any winnings before a withdrawal is possible. Also, there will be a time period in which you have to use the spins. For instance, you have seven days to play them and they will expire after that period. Casinos have different terms & conditions so make sure you check them before activating a bonus.

Free Spins Promotions

Casinos take care of their loyal customers as well, not just new ones who join them. For that reason, they run daily/weekly/monthly promotions on casino games. In some cases, they just want to promote a anew slot title and they run a promotion on it. Nevertheless, a lot of these promotions offer free spins to be played on a particular slot game. These spins are awarded to players who happen to be playing on the casino during that promotional period. Additionally, they might be a part of a VIP program that the casino runs for their most loyal customers. If a customer is a VIP player, he usually gets a higher number of free spins with every promotion.

There are different ways as how these promotions can be triggered. In most cases, players need to make a deposit to activate a certain promotion. However, there are promotions that activate themselves while you play certain games. Regardless of that, the free spins are awarded instantly. Now, just like with the examples above, these spins will come with wagering requirements. Certain casinos are known to offer spins without any requirements where you get to keep the winnings. However, they are very rare and are usually locked by some other rules.

Free Spins in Slot Titles

The last way of winning free spins is when you get them directly in a slot title. As we know, slot games come with bonus features or bonus rounds. These rounds can offer wilds, multipliers, jackpots, and of course, free spins. So, if you happen to trigger such a bonus round, you might get a certain number of spins. While those spins are active in your gameplay, the slot game won’t use your cash during those spins. Once the spins are spent, the gameplay will return to its original form.

However, unlike the options we have mentioned so far, these spins have no wagering requirements. Yes, you have to play them right then and there as they get triggered but any winnings you get through them are yours.

Terms & Conditions

Just like all the bonuses and promotions out there, there are specific T&Cs when you get free spins from an online casino. Transparent and respectable casinos will have these terms and conditions listed beforehand so you can go through them before agreeing to the bonus. Make sure to check these casino rules before you agree to anything. That’s the only way you won’t get disappointed after the offer is activated. There are lots of casino terms out there but we will review the most common and most important ones right below.

Wagering Requirements

All customers want to know if the winnings they get with free spins can be withdrawable. In short, yes they can; however, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. When you play any game with these spins and you win, the winnings go straight to your casino account. You can then use them to keep playing on the casino. However, you won’t be able to withdraw these winnings until you complete the wagering requirements that will come attached to the free spins. There are a lot of casino players that believe wagering requirements are “traps” set by casinos. However, the truth is far from that. If you follow the wagering requirements and the other casino rules, you will be able to make a withdrawal in no time.

Wagering Requirements
Wagering Requirements

Basically, the wagering requirements are the number of times you need to play through your free spins before a withdrawal is possible. For instance, the casino gives you 50 spins with a value of $0.10 per spin. Now, lets say that the wagering requirements are 30x. That means you have to play the value of the spins 30 times. In this case, 50 x $0.10 = $5. So, you have to play through $150 before a withdrawal is possible. Basically, keep winning with the spins until you make a turnover of $150. In that case, you won’t have to make a deposit in order to make a withdrawal.

However, if you spend the spins before the wagering requirements are met, you will have to make a deposit in order to keep playing. Nevertheless, the money you deposit additionally won’t be locked by any requirements.

Limited Winnings

This is a condition that you will find almost every time when free spins are involved. Limit on the winnings means that the casino will limit the amount you can win through the spins they have gifted you. The amount depends on the casino, on the game, and on the amount of spins you got. So, if you plan on playing a progressive jackpot slot title or one that comes with huge rewards, its better to use your own money. Because, if you win a jackpot while using these limited spins, you won’t be able to withdraw the whole jackpot amount. Keep in mind that you can still win more than the limit using these free spins. However, if that happens, you will only be able to withdraw up to the limit, anything over will remain in your account and you can use it to keep playing on the casino.

Time Period

Just like every bonus or promotion out there, free spins come with a time limit that gets triggered just as the spins arrive in your account. This time limit means that you have to meet the wagering requirements within a limited period of time that the casino set beforehand. It can be any amount of time; however, most casinos set it at either 7 or 14 days when it comes to free spins. Casinos do this to pressure the player so he starts gambling right away.

Additionally, a time limit is set on when a player can claim those spins. For instance, when it comes to welcome bonuses, they are connected to the creation of an account at a casino. So, the casinos will set a time limit on how long you have to trigger this bonus after your account is ready. For example, customers have 14 days to activate the free spins offer after their account is ready. After that period, the customer will no longer be able to get the bonus.

Game Limitations

Last but not least, we have the game limitations condition. This is important if you mange to win some money through the free spins. In such a situation, you need to know that not all casino games will contribute the same towards the wagering requirements. Some of them don’t contribute at all which is an important piece of information. In most cases, online slots have the highest contributing percentage and 100% of slot bets count towards the wagering requirements. Certain casino games, like table games have a lower percentage while in most cases, bingo, poker, and other games don’t count at all.

Lets give you an example of how this would work. For instance, you won $20 and they need to be wagered 20x times. That means you need to play through $200 before a withdrawal is possible. Lets imagine you decided to play table games with this money and they contribute only 50% towards the wagering requirements. Basically, for every 10$ you put in, only 5$ will go to the wagering requirements. So, you would have to play through $400 on those table games to complete these requirements.